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so i got through another three chapters of econ. albiet a bit painfully because it's pretty much repeating itself now only it's starting to use a lot of different words for the exact same things. should have this one out of the way saturday morning and then onto the next one. bah. which isnt bad considering i have one required reading left to do that i actually have. cant really do the other one until it gets here. but apparently other people have had a bit of a hard time finding the books too so thats ok.

im hungry, i never had dinner yet. im trying to decide what to eat. im downtown. i kind of want souvlaki but that'll take effort to find. and really, effort of that sort is just not cool after bashing your neurons with Hottelling's theory rght..wage disparities or something. whatevs. i actually got my own copy of this book in the mail today and its a whol two editions newer! yay! excitement is me!

... food food...bug bug bug...dug dug dug dug dug....fuck...


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