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sh!thawks...on parade: riots for fireworks

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tonight was the first time ever that ive been to see the fireworks in vancouver.

ive gotta say, it's a good thing they were good because they are the most goddamn labour intensive fucking things to get to and away from in the world.

it took me a car ride, a bus ride, a skytrain ride and another bus ride, then a long walk to actually get there because some assfuck decided that he wanted to kiss the underside of the skytrain at 29th.

then trying to find two people in a throng of three hundred thousand or so is fun, which is funny considering the fact that we were pretty much fifty feet apart the entire time.

then walking from denman at davie all the way up beach, across the burrard bridge, get on the 27, go all the way back downtown and take the most assbackwards way to get to a skytrain, then skytrain, then another bus. and all the while, get hit in the head with a rolled up reed mat by Yi Hong which i didnt so much mind cause it kept me from falling asleep.

and all because of one guy.

it was pretty nuts when i managed to get to Commercial and up the stairs to switch to broadway and it was a solid mass of bodies and then some assholes decided to run up the down escalator past Skytrain security and a fucking riot just about went off right there.

christ on crutches, if youre that desperate to see explosions, why not toss a few m80s down a toilet?

riots for fireworks


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