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sh!thawks...on parade: then later he gets an animal injection

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here's a tip, a maple flavoured Oh Henry and one of those counter top danishes from 7-11 dont make for good things to eat just before you fall into the nice little world of unconsciousness that you hope lasts more than six hours for once.

gonna go to the fireworks again tonight and really, this would be the night to bring a taser and a thing of mace wouldnt it, being that it's the last night and people are going to go crazy like ikea crazy.

also i picked up a nice little compact external hard drive yesterday on to which i copied all my music and such. it's shiny. you know what just occurred to me? when you get a macbook, you get an apple remote that comes with it. i have the black macbook yet my remote is white. you'd think they could at least colour coordinate the remotes. oh well. it's still shiny too.

then later he gets an animal injection


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