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sh!thawks...on parade: but it's inorganic

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me: some guy is lecturing his kid on how to put books back where they belong in the library

danielle.ciavarro: hahaha damn kids

me: oh man this mall it makes me lose faith in humanity

danielle.ciavarro: people are nuts pat they really really are

me: like acorns or what's nuttier than an acorn?

danielle.ciavarro: pea nut

me: well, is that only cause you get two peanuts per shell?

danielle.ciavarro: yes

me: what about the ones where you only get one?

danielle.ciavarro: they are special

me: but are they still nuttier?

danielle.ciavarro: yes because there should be two of them'

me: hmm good point is a pistachio a nut?

danielle.ciavarro: its like theyve gone mad and split up yes good nuts at that

me: they don;t really seem like nuts

danielle.ciavarro: no but they have shells

me: yeah but they're split open

danielle.ciavarro: oh interesting point

me: you know which nut would be best for porn? chestnuts nuts on a chest it's unavoidable

danielle.ciavarro: very very true damn pervy nuts

me: you know there's Nutella porn? i only know that cause i had a conversation with shaz that was about nutella and somehow it got googled and there is

danielle.ciavarro: ok weird nutella use to be good now its gay

me: yeah but it could be gay in that happy sense like it makes your food gay and delicious cause it's pretty tasty like British

danielle.ciavarro: no it USE to be tasty they changed the receipe

me: did they?

danielle.ciavarro: yea from what i remember it tasting like as a kid they made it healthier

me: i bet the Hazlenuts found out the Chestnuts got a better deal doing porn and all quit


on a completely different note... and i'll warn you ahead of time it's a super geek fest note...

i'm a big fan of science. i used to have a subscription to Discover. i got annoyed when TLC turned into some stupid lifestyle station instead of what once used to be a channel full of dinosaurs and asteroids. thankfully Discovery Channel has stepped up to the plate. for the most part. i mean really, A Haunting? fuck off, that's not a Discovery show. and Cash Cab? Worst. Show. Ever.
any time there's a show on about dinosaurs or space or geology or whatever, i'll come to a dead stop in the channel surfing and watch and learn. of course sometimes this means i get all paranoid about a megathrust earthquake and vow to only ever live on solid bedrock far from a coast line...
anyway, i was flipping through the channels today, choosing to venture away from my staples of Discovery, FoodTv and Comedy Central. i happened upon PBS. and of course PBS has NOVA. and as we all know from our younger days with public access, NOVA fucking rocks. well ok, at first I didn't know it was NOVA, but it was this show about the race to absolute zero. so i watched, all geeked out and waiting for the history lesson to turn into the inevitable discussion of quantum theory, because i know shit all about quantum mechanics but i love to watch and read things about it. about halfway through the show i found out that i, and everyone else who's ever taken a science class, was cheated on our education.
that's right, cheated.
we were all taught that there are three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas.
you know what?
apparently there's a fourth.


so what if it's based in quantum theory and fourth graders can't draw pictures of it? so what if the name alone makes you shrink back in fear of large mathematical concepts?


yep, the Bose-Einstein Condesate. the name just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

think about it, you go to McDonalds and order, and instead of ice you say "i'd like a coke, no ice, but with some BE Condensate instead"

the cool thing is that it's so cold you'd thnk it should be solid, cause it's almost at absolute zero, but it's not even. it's like some weird state of solid wavelength thing. how cool is that? how would you even handle that? a solid that's not really a solid?


hey, i told you this was super geeky.

but it's inorganic


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