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sh!thawks...on parade: waking up with pills

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i tried one of these bad boys out yesterday. i probably shouldn't have. i probably should have walked past the photo department and gone to the computer department in the nice little London Drugs we have out here and looked at the new Macs instead, because while I can live just fine with Leonard Katsu, picking up and handling a 700 has not done anything to asolve my brain from constantly drooling over one.
i have to say, from all the reviews and photos ive read and seen, it thing seemed like a monster, but when I actually held it, it was a lot smaller and lighter than I expected. for some reason the demo one they had was kitted with the 60mm f2.8D, but if you actually buy it kitted you get the 24-120 IF. which begs the question, why don't you have the kit lens on the camera? it would make sense, non?
i think the only thing i didnt like was the way the auto-focus looked in the viewfinder, but that's probably cause im so used to mine. other than that, in the little time I had to get a feel for it i *droolz*

waking up with pills


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