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sh!thawks...on parade: who took my chocolate?

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so i didnt really get jet lag too too bad. i mean, yeah im tired, and yeah im totally crashing right now, but still, I'm not sleeping for two days straight or anything.
i have to go deal with some student loan stuff tomorrow then i think im going to come home and clean stuff up. im going to go get some big garbage bags and fill them with stuff i dont need/use anymore and see if my landlord can drop it off at the goodwill or slavation army or something. i need the space, and there's lots of good clothes that i dont wear anymore that other people can use. i dont have a lot of storage space in here cause i dont have the big room, so i kind of have to pile things on lots of other things in a way that wont make everything tumble over and make a huge mess.
i should get a cheap shelf thing or something...
friday night has been designated as my return from abroad celebration. i foresee me getting nice and happy on very little alcohol seeing as how ive hardly had any in four months in addition to the weight i lost. i checked today, im back around 134. lame. i hit 150 right before i left. now i have to get back up there.

who took my chocolate?


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