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i really want to know who decides what parts of the Olympics are going to be broadcast. like really, say you're watching the Italy vs Poland volleyball quarterfinal and the game is insanely good, and Poland forces a fifth set, and right after they win the fourth set whoever is in charge of the channel decides "hey! I've got a brilliant idea! let's switch our coverage to rhythmic gymnastics instead!"


seriously, you pull away from an incredible match between Italy and Poland to show something that is more ballet than a sport. someone tell me how rhythmic gymnastics counts as a sport and not dance. I'm sorry, but I don't count doing the splits three times in the air (I counted) while you twirl a hula hoop for ten seconds and do the dance from the Nutcracker as a sport. also, isn't the fact that they allow dance troupes to perform while the main performer doesn't even handle the 'apparatus' somewhat detrimental to the legitimacy of that as a sport?

luckily the somewhat more reliable Indian sports channel stayed with the volleyball match, which was infinitely better than watching someone twirl ticker tape through the air on the end of a stick.

i finished marking my exams, now i have to move on to the ones that were not my students that i was handed with no consultation and have not been given an answer key to. therefore, as this is seemingly being left up to my own judgment as to how I should mark them, and that no clear instructions were organized or given to me in any way by the teacher of said exams, I feel no guilt whatsoever at being a hardass marker. if the uni admins wants to know why their marks are so low, they can take it up with the prof who fucked off early to go snorkeling and left a huge fucking mess behind.

bear weight is furry


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