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sh!thawks...on parade: asian chicks and short shorts

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hong kong. im sitting across from a Swarovski store. i can already tell that my circadian rhythm is getting slapped in the face. im tired, but probably not as tired as I should be seeing as how in the last 48 hours ive had about 6 hours of sleep.
i sat next ti a bangladeshi guy on the way from Dhaka who just barely understood the concept of personal space. not that that's something you can really expect too much from when you fly in the cheap seats but whatevs.
i have real wireless for the first time in four months here. however, there are several wireless signals you can use here but there's a catch. im rocking the free wifi. it's the slow wifi. i could pay for the fast wifi, but i dont feel like it. im pretty happy that i can run three windows in firefox without completely fucking over my connection. that would have made my internet explode in dhaka.
there are a lot of aussies in this airport. there's a lot of asian people. redundant statement, i know. but seeing as how i basically saw all of two koreans this summer and was amazed whenever i saw another white person walking around, it's a bit of a relief. is that the right word? im not sure. i kept expecting to be floored by the different types of people and cleanliness here. kind of like when i went to that Bally Sagoo party in June and had backwards culture shock.
s'all good so far.
you know what else is a relief? chicks in shorts and summer dresses. as much as the Bangladeshi guys think a Salwar Kameez can show off a figure...yeah, no, sorry.
five hours until my next flight.
im going to go get some food and then bask in the overtly commercialized shops conveniently placed next to the departure area.
maybe nap too, we'll see.

asian chicks and short shorts


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