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sh!thawks...on parade: just a box of rain

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i remember sitting on the edge of the roof of Shrum when i took this picture, and i remember thinking that it'd be a cool picture and please please please dont fall off the roof. this was at the tail end of a week where I never went downtown all week until friday and found out that the brilliant, blue sky that had graced all us mountain dwellers for five days was not shared with the rest of Metro Van. an ocean of clouds at our feet for the taking. everett and i stood on that roof for about two hours taking pictures. an island of clarity over a sea of rain so low to the ground it didn't need to fall.
i tell people about that day all the time.

it's already the 23rd. strange to say. it kind of tumbles around the tongue and doesn't seem to make any sense to me even though I know I'm the one saying it. by 10pm tomorrow I'll be setting my bags down in front of the check in counter at Zia International and heading back home. i started packing already. i want to have most of that done by tonight so i dont have to bother with it tomorrow.

yesterday was a Led Zeppelin day. today is a Grateful Dead day.

not really sure where this is going, cant seem to keep any thought in my head long enough to make it have any importance.

im going to try to get a bunch of pictures up on my flickr in Hong Kong where hopefully the airport wireless is actually high speed.

that said, see you in two days.

just a box of rain


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