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sh!thawks...on parade: rickshaw lagbé na

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spent the whole day correcting midterms. it's kind of boring. i want to go get some snack food but im waiting for nick to get back from the uni cause then we can double up on junk food. nice.
JR was supposed to get here yesterday but his flight was delayed in London so now i'm not sure when he gets here which is too bad cause some prof input on my project would be nice at this point.
i was supposed to pick up my last suit today but the plaza where the store is is closed on saturdays. so i have to wait til tomorrow but late tomorrow cause in the morning i have to go talk with some hospital admins downtown, then in the afternoon go to another one, then i can stop and get it on my way back i guess.
kind of weird to think that i have 23 days left here.
i few of us went on this massive excursion yesterday which culminated with dinner and BEER at the Canada Club and it was toooootally worth the long day.
i bought a shitload of stuff yesterday most of which is not for me anyway. im going to need a suitcase just for shit im bringing back for people...
actually, i probably have to pick up a bigger suitcase here anyway just to get everything home. which might be interesting cause i dont know if i can rock three suitcases on the plane... i need to get one of those old school wardrobe suitcase things that are fucking massive and are basically a closet you take with you on a steamboat or something.
i have cookies. i am going to eat some now.

rickshaw lagbé na


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