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today dan and sonu and i watched some random dude get fucked up by building security in the food court for god knows why. the guy was yelling and screaming at them about them hurting him cause there were three of them on him while another dude stood there and periodically yelled at him or something. and everyone in the food court was watching this happen as they were totally roughing him up.
so of course dan and i were like, let's go sit closer and get a better look.
and we're watching this go down and I said "I wonder how long it'll take for this to be on youtube?"
and about thirty seconds later some guy walks up with his camera and starts filming what's going on and the biggest security guy gets up grabs the guy's phone while it's still in his hand, and also the guys collar and shove him back and tells him to turn the fucking thing off and get the fuck out of there, to which there were several fuck yous exchanged and the guy with the phone didnt leave and waited a few seconds and started filming again after the security guy walked away to go some napkins or something.
and then dan was like "NOW it's something you'd see on youtube."
I have yet to find it on youtube.

and then they hussled the guy off to some back room before the cops showed up and were walking around all high and mighty with their radios.


wow, you really have some good security ability there. a radio. that must be why it takes four of you to beat up one guy who's screaming in pain.

seriously, fucking security guards come in two types and both are pretty much useless. there's the not specifically building security guys who are hired out off site and they dont even have radios and all they do is walk around with their thumbs up their ass and who are generally not big fat white guys.
and then there's the building specific security like these douche bags who are often big fat white guys with a radio and spiked hair who never ever run into trouble and as soon as the tiniest bit of anything happens BOOM they're all over it like stink on shit in the most unnecessary way imaginable. and then after they walk around with their shoulders up and their radios held up to their ears like they're the fucking bees knees.

no dude, you're a fucking douche bag because suddenly you think it's ok to beat on people and threaten the general public when they point out how violent you're being when you could just as easily have sat the guy in a chair instead of pound his face into the floor.

sorry your life if pathetic and meaningless and all you do is pace up and down halls in a government/university building all day but that's probably your own fucking fault.

that's what peels are for


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