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sh!thawks...on parade: just give him a cookie and no one gets drooled

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went on a photowalk. there were lots of people there i did not know not counting chad danielle duane and corinna. next time im going to talk to more people because i didnt really and i ought to have.

that dog is named Cello. a first i heard Cholo. and then Jello. but it's Cello. im not really a big dog person, and i wasnt sure about Cello until Cello started to steal the water out of the bucket that said not to steal the bucket. then Cello was pretty cool. Cello's owner was one of the people i did not know and didnt ask her name. which i probably should have.

i think it's funny when you're out at a pub with a whole bunch of people you know and spend pretty much every day with and you're talking to one person and they're like "you have a girlfriend dont you?" and youre like "um, no." and then they're all super surprised like it's the most surprising thing they've ever heard. i dunno it seems funny sort of.

i lost my umbrella at some point this weekend. it was just one of those things where you put it down and then it totally slips your mind after you leave that you forgot it. tomorrow i'll have to get another one because it's pretty much a necessity in this city in the winter.

just give him a cookie and no one gets drooled


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