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sh!thawks...on parade: jobs that bite harder

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maybe it's just me, but i've never been to any other mall other than metrotown that aggravates me so much. as much as it's convenient it's also a great big fucking headache and not just because of the layout. it's like when people walk through the doors there they lose all ability to think at all.
'hey i have an idea! there's ten of us! let's all come to a dead stop right at the bottom of the escalator and not realize there's still people coming down it!'
'hey! i have an idea! there's fifteen of us! let's all stand in one spot but wide enough to block the entire hall so no one can get around us!'
'hey! i have an idea! let's all dress like we think we're 50 Cent only way lamer!'
'hey! i have an idea! let's be 14 and think we own the mall and yell at people pushing baby carriages for being in the way!"

you get the picture.

i think there are two songs that should be mandatory listening for anyone who walks in to that mall...

i know there are probably other songs that would relate to this whole thing a little better but when i was there yesterday to go for a haircut i had these two going and they pretty much seemed to sum up what was going on all around.

on the other hand, if you're an ambitiously arrogant hip gangster wannabe, self aggrandizing pretend rapper, skinny white boi trailer trash trendy, north face poof coat with sweats and too white Nikes with frosted hair, immediate camel toe TNA pants with gigantic purse slash shoulder bag, thirteen year old with too much armani and big gold chains, or deer in the headlights face toting daddy's credit card, then head on down to meterotown for your new home.

jobs that bite harder


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