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my roommate is an enigma.

seriously. i know his name, how old he is and that he's from saskatchewan.

also that he disappears for lengths of time on end and if he's home he never leaves his room. pretty much the only indication i ever have that he's here is if his shoes are by the front door.

oh, he also drinks a lot of iced tea and pepsi because every so often i'll come home to a giant row of empty powdered iced tea containers and pepsi bottles on the counter.

other than that. nada. and ive been living here for eight months. the longest conversation ive ever had with him must have been like three months ago about the merits of frozen vegetables.

it's a good way to live i think. it's pretty much like i live alone. or with a specter who keeps the rent down.

i had a picture of why i moved out of the shithole at the end of april last year. i cant find it right now. suffice to say you could look at the picture and easily describe the room in it (not mine fyi) as a mexican garbage heap complete with all the trimmings. bonus, this picture saves you the smell factor. i think dario was the only one to actually step inside and take a breathe, only to come out near puking.

so this place is way better i guess is what im getting at.

im not sure where i was going with this.

anyway, back to class on monday so it'll distract me from too much ps2.

i should really go do something productive but i cant think of anything i havent already gotten done this week. plus it's raining. but at least i finished uploading all my music to my ipod finally.

like the Hardly Boys


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