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Sixty days down in the barracks and hearing rusty springs

A bed, a bunk, dusty mattresses clinking metal frames

It’s 2am and all he can think about is the glint on the window

Subdued hues, the air is icy black echoing in his eye

It’s just not comfortable, turning this way and that

Draping an arm over the side, a precipice of man made proportion

He doesn’t even try to shut is eyes, he knows sleep won’t come

He hasn’t slept for days, canyons of fatigue with high walls

Where the sun rises and falls with regularity, but the shadows always change

Breath in, breath out, breath in

Fixing the cotton collar, shifting fabric is a cacophony in the chill air

Even with blankets drawn up the cold seeps in

Cold winds that settle into rest on a restless body

Breath in, breath out, no sleep will come tonight

Sixty days down in the barracks ends at daybreak and starts at nightfall

my grandpa passed away today. peaceful passage, grandpa fred, you will be missed by many.

did you find it much easier


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