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i have to say, this week isnt shaping up as bad as i thought it would be. i worked my ass off saturday to get a paper out of the way, our econ prof basically gave us the answers to this week's assignment, our methods paper isnt due til december 7th now, and the overnight essay im currently doing is easy as pie. half done already. the first part is debating the merits of brokerage politics and whether or not using that tactic offers a better chance for political parties to be successful on a national scale or if they need to identify regionally....fucking duh, i wonder what im going to say...
second part that i will tackle once i finish this here post and mayhaps take a stretch and walk around the living room involves discussing the infringement of rights based on gender in specific instances, ie, a woman firefighter who is not allowed on a hazmat squad because they may be exposed to chemicals that are detrimental to the reproductive abilities of females.
not so hard. we were all going off our rockers after class this morning waiting for our prof to email the thing out. like "OMG WHERE IS IT WHEN IS HE GOING TO EMAIL IT WHY ISNT IT HERE YET OMG I JUST WANT TO GET IT DONE!"
the last one took me probably ten hours to get done. im half done this one in under and hour and a half. im on a fucking roll.

overnighter artist of choice this time= Puscifer. last time it was in rainbows.

this is good. i can motor this thing and make it up to everett's in time to eat and watch Slapsgiving.

the final speaker on a glass


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