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sh!thawks...on parade: do you think anyone else is paying attention?

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i picked up two tickets to grady on november 30th at The Plaza for $25. sweet. jebus. yes.
i have shamefully missed previous Grady shows five times now. it's a disgrace really.
but now i will see them in all their 'we're-not-quite-Big-Sugar-but-just-as-awesome' glory.
however, dilemma. we have our program christmas party on the 29th, and we're supposed to be there as close to 6pm as possible. actually, two dilemmas arise on this day...that's the quarter finals for intramural soccer, and second...INSTORE PERFORMANCE BY GORDIE JOHNSON AT LONG & MCQUADE FROM 6PM TO 7:30!!!!!!! far away from where we're supposed to be at 6pm.
so. torn. right. now.
and no, im sorry, but going to the concert on the 30th knowing that i could have sat in a room full of guitars and listened to gordie johnson play solo the day before is pretty much incomprehensible. not after the SGJ incident.
stupid schedule always full of stuff that doesnt agree with each other.

in other news, i seem to have lost the ability to follow a semi regular sleeping pattern, so im going to go try to sleep for a bit before heading over to the mob house to watch some more Band of Brothers.

do you think anyone else is paying attention?


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