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sh!thawks...on parade: he can travel through time an hour ago

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i made a logo for our MPP soccer slash dodge ball slash intramural team that we're starting.
actually, it's more like a design for a shirt than a logo but whatever.

it's raining again. like that's anything new here. and there's thunder. that doesn't happen that much.

what else...

oh yeah, leave it to a Catholic school board to not provide vaccinations because they're morally contradictory to what the bible says.

oilers vs. the leafs tonight. oilers will own. and i know it's preseason but they will own.

im still waiting for anyone to tell me if they're going to the concert on thursday. and six concerts does not make me a groupie. plus i missed the last acoustic tour.

now i have to go research reduction of protectionism in the milk industry in canada.

he can travel through time an hour ago


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