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ok, i realize that there's a civic strike underway that's making little headway as to contract length, remuneration and benefits, but this does not give you free reign to go dump your goddamn garbage wherever the fuck you please.

i'm sure you can see the playground in the background there. this park is about thirty seconds from my front door. this is only the garbage by the receptacle. the rest is spread out like someone sprayed it out of a wood chipper all over the park.

Dear neighbours, especially the woman i saw go throw a bag on the pile while i was walking there to take this picture:

fuck all of you you are all assholes.

that's called illegal dumping. you are residents of the City of Vancouver. the City of Vancouver is nice enough to explain illegal dumping for you on it's nice little website.

i don't really give a fuck if you have nowhere to put your shit. take this opportunity to really think about how much you throw away and see if you can reduce it you lazy bastards. you know how much garbage i throw away? about one full bag every three weeks.

i didn't see that until i got home and then it was like insta rage because i spent the last three summers cleaning shit like that up to keep my community clean and healthy. i have no problem admitting that i worked hard at cleaning trash up to keep things looking good because myself and the people i worked with took pride in the fact that we made our community nationally recognized years in a row as being one of the cleanest and greenest in Canada.

so dear neighbours, as much as it annoys you to have no garbage service, how about you try to be proactive for a change.

picture this if you will


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