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sh!thawks...on parade: hell it looks red in all its pictures

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apparently this is what some people are wearing this weekend.

considering my job is pretty much a waste of space, im glad that the next week or so will keep me pretty busy. renos..renos..renos.. my dad's coming to town on friday for a few days.
also on friday i shall procure pure awesome in black because my dad is awesome like that.
also on friday there is of course the gathering of nerds and our city i guess is currently being graced by some early arrivals.
then next week my friend iris is coming for the weekend. and it shall be grandly adventurous because pat and iris always make time for grand adventures.

and all this time i think "great im keeping busy" i keep looking at the list of three textbooks on politics and econ and the 15 journal articles i have to have read by the end of august. which is ok because i started reading them before the suggested start date to start reading them that my handy little MA package told me.

so i have this issue in my shower. i'll let the snickers get out of the way there... a while ago there was this spider up in the corner of it. i got rid of it. i did not get rid of the egg sack that was so deftly hidden somewhere in the window im sure so now it's a war between however many spiders hatch each day and my spray bottle of lysol. little fuckers have been at it for three days now. theyre like a goddamn hydra, i swear, you kill two and four come out to play. little fuckers. i'll git 'em eventually.

hell it looks red in all its pictures


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