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sh!thawks...on parade: why are there mom jeans?

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awesome fucking show. shitty fucking pit. which was too bad because it could have been pretty epic had the same three or four guys not decided to be dicks and keep throwing shit.
ok recap in not so many words because then i can sleep...

Stolen Babies, half hour opening set. sweet titty fucking Christ. it was like evil Cabaret on crack meets Lamb of God. and it was only made better because the basist used an unpright bass. and. the singer chick played the accordian. and. it didnt suck. plsu they have some of the coolest tshirts ever, like throwback to Nightmare before Christmas only more twisted. so i bought one. i think this is pretty much the first concert ive been to where i didnt buy anything from the headliner.

The Gathering, fourty five minute opening set. they have a very A Perfect Circle vibe meets Rammstein, and it works. it's very intensely symphonic. and their songs pretty much blended together, but not in that annoying way where it seems there's no break in it. so i bought their cd.

Lacuna Coil, counting the encore one and a quarter hour set. a bit shorter than i would have liked but they managed to put in all the crowd pleasers. and the CCC isn't exactly a big venue but they just have this huuuuuuuuge stage presence. could have been after/during/before each song Cristina Scabbia told the crowd to put up their fucking hands. im pretty sure no one had any problem with that. i mean would you? hot as shit lead singer of euro metal band? no i didnt think so. i watched the pit the whole time waiting to see if it would get any better. not really. i went in for Heaven's a Lie cause i couldnt not.

other thoughts....apparently fat people can fit into small concert tshirts. flesh coloured spandex that a)gets sucked up the ass crack and b)does nothing to hide ANYTHING is WRONG. apparently all the little goth girls needed parental chaperones so there was a line of mom jeans along the back watching with that "oh my god what is this garbage" look on their faces. except for during the Gathering when at least two of them were singing along and i was all BUH???

and. im pretty sure that a good many D&D plots were tossed around because yeah, let's face it, you now at least half of the people there have those books at home.

ok,now sleep time. and possibly recovering of the hearing.

why are there mom jeans?


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