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sh!thawks...on parade: whats this big flashing warning?

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someone at work has a big fucking vase of flowers at their desk. normally i don't think i'd mind cause lots of people have plants at their desks. big difference here is that these flowers are all blooming and bascially the entire fourth floor no joke reeks of them and they make my head want to go POP!!! HAHAHA ALLERGIES ASSHOLE!!! and im all fucking-SNEEZE!-hell-SNEEZE-i-SNEEZE-hate them....sniff....SNEEZE!!!...fuck...
so today at lunch i went to buy some reactine. the last time i had it it came in tiny pills form. this time not so tiny pill form.
i have enough trouble swallowing advil as it is, so why in the hell did conviniently priced allergy pills all of a sudden like double in size? and then i forgot that reactine makes me twitchy. so i traded mucus and congestion for cottonmouth and hyper. meh. seems fair.
apparently there isnt enough tits and ass on here. well, considering i have neither im not surprised. hah, oh im punny. like a lobster.

or monkfish.

you think that monkfish are like the evangelicals of the aquatic environment? they can be like Jesus of the fish world cause they give themselves up to make fake crab meat so that real crab may live without fear of ending up in a california roll. til Mike Rowe narates his way over and you watch all the crab guys haul them out of the sea.

what if a knight fish used a swordfish?

whats this big flashing warning?


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