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so i completely overhauled my resumé today. new look, new feel. and then i procrastinated and cleaned. i Tilexed the tub, swept the kitchen, emptied all the garbages. then i started to put a new shelf/cupboard on wheels together but it annoyed be because it had far too many screws and nails than it really should have.

is it actually possible to get sick of being able to sleep in every morning and turn on the tv to find back to back episodes of TNG on Spike? i think so. ok, so ive had my fair share of lazy today, and ive eaten so i can now sit here and hit the workopolis and monster with a passion. you know what i find really annoying? the new workopolis ads on tv. i watch them and im like "um...hi no, if it worked like that i'd have had a fucking job in like october assholes."

i overcooked my tomatoes a bit so they lost that nice tomato crunch. i like to take beefsteak tomatoes and slice them and fry them. but the trick is to cook them just the right amount of time so theyre cooked but not goopy. so good. not the goopy. but the cooked.

my ninja skills would totally beat your blaack belt, and if not, it's totally a tie game. plus two experience and 6 damage. hah.

i set my alarm for 9am tomorrow so i wont sleep in til noon. i have to get back in the groove.

i think Smemo and Umbrella Boy are going for a random adventure on friday. something cheap or free cause we're both poor. cheap is good free is better. that was our motto for student union in high school. somehow that got us like ten crates full of bananas once.

i copped out and downloaded the music for the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show because i really have no money to buy it. and once my next cell phone bill shows up i'll have like...negative groceries. i think later i might turn all the lights off and turn the album on and just chill out cause it's that good. flows so nice like that.

i made a two litre bottle of raspberry iced tea. im halfway done it now.

where do they all belong?


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