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sh!thawks...on parade: dictating the norms for dehumanization

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you know, i figured being finished would lend itself to some form of relaxation and a chance to mellow out.

that's bullshit.

fuck this. the last few days have sucked fucking hardcore. im more goddamn stressed out now than i was with three major projects. ive had shitty sleep. im tired all the time. my appetite is almost non existant. i feel disconnected from the world. i sat in my new place earlier and stared at the wall wondering where the hell i was. it's like being lined up in front a fire firing squad and it just keeps coming and it doesnt seem to have any visible end.

i am not having le fun. le fun is not around. i am having le shitty time.

gwen how's this for a better selection?

dictating the norms for dehumanization


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