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so it's official. the last classes of undergrad are over and done with. all that remains is to hand projects in next week and wait for the final grades to come back.
then i get to start running around prepping grad school applications.
in my class this morning our prof asked us what we were taking out of the class. i said i wasn't really sure. this got some funny looks out of people because i guess they all figured it should be obvious. so i said im not sure because im done today and who knows how i'll apply what i learned in the future? and then my prof got all smiley and was like "it's your last day!?" and then the whole class applauded. and i sat there kind of like...ummmm thanks i guess? didnt think you'd bust out the clapping for that but whatever floats your boat....
so then my evening class i did my presentation on my topic and sat through everyone else's and spun around in my chair. and i played with my pen. and ate quiznos. and then four of us asked our prof if she wanted to go have a drink with us. so we went to steamworks and her and her husband came with us and he's a sociology prof too and it was good times.
and so we're in the basement part of Steamworks and the conversation rolls around to "oh what are you doing next semester?" and i once again get to say "im all done now." and once again there's a round of applause. it didnt really catch me off guard that time. but i dunno my morning class two other people said the same thing after i did and they didnt get clapped for.
but yeah. finito.

bind this please. and this. thank you.
bus. airport. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii i get to see you!
wait a bit. mom gets here.

ok im done.

joker on jack, match on a fire


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