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sh!thawks...on parade: The busiest days there's really nothing to do

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post numero 600. im listening to a lot of John Frusciante because quite frankly he is amazing. his solo stuff is way different that his RHCP stuff but im going to go ahead and say this is a very good thing.

so tomorrow im done my last undergrad classes ever. made it through the long haul. let's reflect shall. we? no, fuck you you're sticking around for this so sit your ass back down and get your hand off the fucking mouse.

actually all i can really think about my entire university career lately is that i was "that guy behind the counter at the campus café" in ottawa. it's weird how you think about this kind of thing and you end up focusing on one of the most stereotypical images of a student you could think of. it's the "ive got no money so im selling baked goods at the café but its not really that bad" image. the funny thing is that i never really thought of it that way til recently.

i can spend a lot of time reflecting on my first two years because they were so influencial but seem really far away now. it's like, hey self, remember in first year when you thought it was cool that you could stay up til 4am making macaroni? or do laundry at 2am? or bubble wrap the whole lounge? or throw all your left over food in the hole in the wall at the end of the year?

or the crowd favourite: getting absolutely blitzed second year and ending up getting a ride home in a firetruck because the firefighters didnt want the cops to drag my sorry ass into the drunk tank.

i think maybe i think about my first two years a lot because they were key in breaking my out of whatever mould i was in before. and now that im pretty well done im far away from that initial group of people. ive always clung to the fact that i was a Page. some might say a little too much but whatever. if it werent fot that i wouldnt have the friends i have now. but then i can think about how after i moved to vancouver the same type of thing happened. yeah i dunno.

people keep asking me if im going to my convocation. it's in june. thats in six months. who the fuck knows what i'll be doing in six months? why dont you ask me in five and a half and we'll see where things are at.

you know what else is dumb? when you start university people ask "what do you want to do after you're done?" and you give some bullshit answer because really, between then and the next four or five years the likelyhood of you sticking to that is rather slim or you say "i dont really know". and now that im at the end of it people are still asking me. and i still give the same bullshit answers. only now i have the added advantage of saying "well i hope to get into any number of grad schools and then we'll see what happens after."

i dunno. like, theres not really any great sense of closure yet. cause now i have to run around asking profs for reference letters and ordering transcripts and spending like $400 just on applications and all i really want right now is to move into my new place, score a job that will let me buy a new guitar sometime in the next three months. ive pretty much got enough money saved up that pays for grad school already. i didnt really know i had it, but i guess i do. apparently thats what investment advisors are for.

it's snowing again. last night at subeez our prof was talking to jeremy and ben and i and he got around to asking what our gpas were cause he wants to encourage us. so i tell him and hes like "good you can go to grad school then." which kind of made my brain sigh in relief cause having the director of the school tell you that is you know...a relief.

i lost my train of thought and now im just singing along to some Frusciante.

The busiest days there's really nothing to do


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