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sh!thawks...on parade: now crawl on what i think

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this is the scarf my mom made for me over christmas. it's ten feet long, so it has adaptive uses like a scarf, a ninja face covering, or a sumo wrastler thing. and yes i said wrastler because that's what we say wherever we say that.

i have no classes on fridays, however, for the last three weeks i have yet to take full advantage of this because i've had to go downtown for meetings and research sessions and what not and tomorrow's no different. ok, well, i can sleep in, because really i only have to hand an assignment in, but since im there i might as well delve into the exciting world of statistical data series over time to narrow down an econometrics topic that i thought i had nailed down but apparently i missed the nail on that one. fack.

i've been listening to what i think is an odd combo of music lately consisting pretty much only of Massive Attack and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

have you ever gotten so used to keeping something in one pocket that if for some reason you put it in your other pocket you start to wonder if you actually lost whatever it is that you didnt put in the usual pocket?

i keep thinking tomorrow is saturday. it's not. then i tell myself it's not, and i remember it's not, and five minutes later i think it is.

i also realized ive been living in vancouver for about four years and i have yet to do the following after telling myself i would:

-the Grind
-go to seattle
-make a successful solo trip to the island
-go snowboarding
-learn how to find anything in the west end
-go to the PNE
-go to whistler
-expand the number of drinking establishments i frequent much past the Blarney Stone and the Cambie
-been on speaker's corner
-gone to the Capilano Suspension Bridge
-done other stuff i cant think of right now.

now let's do one of those, 'i say what i havent done now you tell me what you havent done that you said you'd do' type things. SO WHAT HAVENT YOU DONT LATELY THAT IS EATING AWAY AT YOUR SOUL BECAUSE YOU TOLD YOURSELF YOU'D DO IT?

now crawl on what i think


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