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sh!thawks...on parade: food gas rooms

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there are three things you can use to describe a christmas party at chad's place:

1. phallic decorating practices

2. chips, dip and wings

3. the SWAT team

in attendance were the ever popular blogsquad and others including danielle, dario, vanessa, robyn, duane, ryan, steve, matt, alicia, adam.

there was singing along to music. there was garlic dip. there was bean dip. there was camera flashes. there was the sounds of alcohol and laughter. there was hanging out with people who hadnt been seen in ages. there were text messages galore. there was cooking napkins and wings over a candle. there were frantic phone calls about snipers. there was rushing outside to see what all the fuss was about only to stand there and watch cops with machine guns running around outside, followed by going back inside yelling "IT'S NOT US!"

oh yeah, and making love to chad's balls. it's tradition.

good times.

food gas rooms


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