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sh!thawks...on parade: that corkscrew is pretty wicked

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im sticking to the cliché of 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' i thought this as i was walking down Granville not that long ago, sans gloves, toque, jacket, and not seeing my breath vapourize in the air.
dear rest of Canada, it's ok to be envious of our balmy weather, i know that when youre buried under three or four or ten feet of snow, it's hard to see the bright side to it. well, im here to tell you that bright side is that it's warm here. how is this beneficial to you, the ones suffering the wrath of a cold cold mother nature? simple. you can still tell people that your country is not entirely frozen over.
i think after i motor on my paper tomorrow i'll go to the beach, and enjoy a snowless, warm, clear day.

that corkscrew is pretty wicked


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