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sh!thawks...on parade: she's pretty sane for a really crazy person

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i'll have pictures up later, i have about two minutes before i have to go. i put them on facebook already, so if you're on there then you can see them. if not. wait.
courtesy of Duane you can check his out here because his camera is insane and it gave mine a complex. thus it discovered the answer to the question of the meaning of life in the world of cameras. if it has a bigger lens does it mean it's more of a camera than me? im sorry camera of does actually... oh camera, don't give me that look, you knew this day would come, you knew you'd one day have to face the fact that your 4x optical zoom just wasn't top of the pile anymore. fine. you go give me a single tear. but don't worry camera of mine, you're not in jeopardy of being replaced any time soon. what's that? aw, well i click you too buddy.

anyway, gotta jet.

she's pretty sane for a really crazy person


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