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it amazes me that vancouver is still the only city ive been to that continues to display the worst kind of sentiment during Remembrance Day.  i commend people in the city for taking the time to attend ceremonies but every year it seems it gets worse.

everett and i went to Victory Square (pictured above) for the ceremony there.

apparently in Vancouver you can talk on your cellphone during the ceremony, it's ok to have your news helicopter buzz the entire ceremony, you can bring your kid with you and let him carry around a plastic uzi, you can sit under your umbrella and yell about rape and pillaging by the troops, and if youre a scenester then you must do your damndest to wear clothes that look like military regalia made out of leather and come from high couture, not take your hat of during O Canada, and last, the thing that confuses us the most, applaud throughout.

im pretty sure that most people with common sense would agree that this does not constitute a respectful ceremony.

so im really not too sure what to say here.  thanks to the city for holding the ceremony, but fuck you Vancouverites, this isn't a social event where you need to act like youre at a Jet Setters party.

i was there to pay tribute to members of my family affected by conflicts as were many others, but this was a shameful show of support and remembrance and i sincerely hope that if you are one of the guilty parties mentioned above, as many people as possible made you aware of your actions.  you are a disgrace and should be ashamed.

obviously lest we forget has lost all meaning on you.

on a totally unrelated matter, thanks to everett for hooking me up with Leopard. now i have a shiny dock.

zeros and ones


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