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sh!thawks...on parade: wake up son of mine

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so HIM was pretty good. it was entertaining. in that it was kind of funny. i mean, they're pretty decent musicians, but im not going to run out and buy any of their cds and id still be embarrassed to walk around wearing a HIM shirt. but it was decent. they started twenty minutes late cause someone in the band had an 'accident' back stage...which pretty much meant that when he came out on stage he had a nosebleed and looked spaced out. yep.

now i will go on my rant that i did once before after the slipknot concert about ten year olds at concerts.

i'm halfway not considering this a metal show, but for the most part you cold say that. that being said, if you've ever been to a metal show and stood in the middle of the crowd you know what can happen. people flail. people fall. people push. people punch. people go flying. people get crammed so tight you can actually lift both feet off the ground and not fall. people will start mosh pits.

to be clear, i stood right in front of the sound booth the entire show because i didnt want to fuck my back up any more than it is. so instead, i watched all the little kids weasel their way into the crowd. mike and erin can attest to this too since they actually spent the entire show front and center.

it's sheer stupidity on the part of the kids, and idiocy on the part of the parents if they take a ten year old to this kind of concert and let them go stand in front.

dear ten year olds, you have absolutely no business being there. i'll not go so far as to say you shouldnt even be at the concert, you can. at the back or the side. away from the people who will probably slash will injure you because you're a total fucking idiot and think you'll have no problem in there. i have absolutely no qualms about someone much bigger than you boot fucking you in the head if you try that. ive elbowed my fair share of too young kids in the head for doing that sans guilt. what's the right age to set foot on the floor where the big kids hang out and throw each other around? 14. at least. varying by venue and artist. at slipknot i'd have said 16. if all you can do is decide to get mixed up in there and just cower in total fear, then you should really reconsider how intelligent you think you are.

dear idiot parents who let their ten year olds go to metal shows, what the fuck is wrong with you? these are NOT the type of crowds you probably ever stood in when you went to concerts way back when. there's enough news coverage on concerts and mosh pits that you should generally have an awareness that GEE MAYBE THAT'S A LITTLE SKETCHY FOR MY FOURTH GRADER TO BE STANDING IN. but you know what, thats fine, i bet you think you know that everything will be fine. they wont get hurt in the crowd that is packed so tight it's hard to breath, or that if someone falls usually they take a few kicks to the head, or SMALL PEOPLE GET COMPLETELY FUCKED UP. seriously that's just poor parenting.

actually no. what's really poor parenting is letting your kid turn into an emo kid who at age twelve decides he's gender challenged and always steals mom's mascara.

i'll be honest and say that had i felt well enough to actually hit up the pits, i probably would have kept my eye open for the tiny people and pushed them right the hell out of the crowd and do it again if they came back in. third time, then i'd toss them right in the middle of the big mosh pit. that usually gets the message across. done it before, and most likely will do it again.

seriously, on a scale of annoyance, young kids on the floor at metal shows ranks higher than the new Tory attack ads on Dion. and that takes a lot.

after the show, everett and i found erin and mike and they told us about two or three little girls who were complaining because they couldnt move and or breath easily. TOO. FUCKING. BAD. if the person in front of you is really twice your own height, something tells me you should be backing away.

also, we will never take you seriously or listen to your bitching after we see you get dropped off in a minivan with your friends who have those hoodies with the cat ears on them and you all wear braces and your mom waves at you all and watches to make sure you get in line ok.

i took close to 200 pictures. they will be up soonish.

wake up son of mine


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