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seeing as how im just about done the first draft of one final paper for this week, im gonna take a break and have another go at *drumroll* RANDOM FACTOIDS ABOUT YOURS TRULY THAT MAY OF BE LITTLE INTEREST TO OTHERS BUT WHAT THE HECK!!!

1. the first CD i ever bought was 'Fairweather Johnson' by Hootie & the Blowfish

2. i always try to get floor tickets to concerts. if i cant get floor tickets i will consider not going at all.

3. i absolutely hate it when i see kids at concerts on the floor.

4. i have a hoodie i got in high school when i was on the student council. it says 'Table Dancing' on one arm because that's basically how i broke out of my shell in high school. on a student council retreat. in the mess hall at some camp site, and I Would Walk 500 Miles came on and i figured, fuck it, and up i jumped and danced on top of the table and decided high school will be fun then. start of grade 11 btw.

5. i've taken two puffs of cigarette ever, four years ago.

6. my favourite book series is Deathlands. so when people ask me if i've read intelligent books that are all popular like when J-Pod came out, no, i have not. i am instead reading escapist, post-apocalyptic blood, guts n' gore cheap lit. this differs entirely from my favourite SET of books which are the Dark Tower books. BUT this differs entirely from my favourite SINGLE book which is Seize the Night by Dean Koontz.

7. i own three versions of The Lord of the Rings.

8. when i was little, jawbreakers always pissed me off because they took so much effort to get to the middle.

9. the first time i ever got to take the family car out alone was the same day as the opening ceremony of the 2001 IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Edmonton. i got sent to get milk or something. i kind of wanted to not go, and stay home to watch the ceremony all the way through.

10. i once ordered acon and beggs for breakfast in ottawa.

11. i actually like La Fin du Monde.

12. when i was 6 i started playing soccer. the first game i ever played was at the field in the park across the street from my house. i played in jeans because i didnt have shorts yet.

13. through most of high school you couldnt actually see the walls in my room because there was so much stuff on them. this trend continued well through university, only to suddenly come to a stop last year.

14. i used to hate using Macs. now i kind of hate using PCs.

15. i have a bottle of hot sauce i bought in ottawa that i had to sign a health waiver to buy because it's so hot.

16. most of the time i dont remember what day it is.

17. i firmly believe that Pinky and the Brain is the greatest cartoon to ever exist.

18. i took my high school english classes a year ahead of everyone else in my grade. so i took English 30 when i was in grade 11. any 30 level course in Alberta has a final worth 50% of your final grade. if the grading hasnt changed and i wasnt totally lied to about the marking, five different teachers mark them on five different categories. the exam has two parts; multiple choice and written response. i scored 100% on the entire thing and annoyed all the 12th graders i took the class with. i also helped three guys pass that class.

19. in grade 3 i got to meet Martyn Godfrey at a young writers conference. at the time, he was in my opinion the greatest author ever. i got to do a workshop with him which was superduper aaaaaaand he signed two books for me. i think i still have them at home somewhere... also, i didnt know he died until just now when i tried to find a link to him.

20. i first discovered guitar when i was 12. i really got into it when i was 16. i basically taught myself. my mom made me take lessons, but i never learned anything from them. honestly, when people ask me how to play, i just tell them to go and bang out whatever and you'll figure it out. also, i only ever tried to learn Stairway to Heaven once and have never attempted it again for the last four years.

21. i can play guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, drums, piano, recorder (it does so count), played in a metal band, have halfway almost decent self recordings, and can make pretty decent sounding techno according to some people.

joey's tomato pie


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