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sh!thawks...on parade: it's the philosophy of meeting myself you know

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best solution for a shit mood: a walk, Mudvayne, and top it off with whipped cream in a can and mini chocolate doughnuts. fuck. yes. tasty.

actually today wasnt that bad anyway. except for this morning. i hit the snooze button three times. i swear there's some weird time warp thing going on à la Donnie Darko because no matter when i get up or how late i leave my house in the morning i always get to school at the same time even if i take an earlier or later skytrain.

we tied it up at soccer today. i scored once le woot. next week we get a full roster so we'll see a winning game.

im totally not shaving all weekend. i was going to continue this trend from this week but this morning my face was like 'I ITCH YOU BASTARD TAKE IT DOWN A PEG!'

it's the philosophy of meeting myself you know


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