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sh!thawks...on parade: i'll knit you a toque

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apparently im an mvp.

my take on life is that it has a tendency to naturally balance itself out. pretty much all of yesterday i felt like complete shit and stressed out to the max. today it's subsided somewhat as our econ midterm has been pushed back two weeks, i was given an extension for a big methods project and i actually managed some decent sleep last night.

now im sitting in the student lounge listening to lots of key tapping as people frantically adjust papers.

i bet you could write that into a metallica song... FRANTIC CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLACK

apparently their next album will be the missing link between AJFA and the Black Album. im not sure i believe them at all seeing as how they described St Anger as sounding as good as Justice. aaand we all know how that turned out. i'll probably end up getting the new album anyway when it comes out. come on, it's metallica, they're an institution.

im supposed to go help install a floating ceiling or something tonight.

i'll knit you a toque


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