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sh!thawks...on parade: tides and dreams dont seem so tall at all

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i finally fell like i've caught up to everything school wise. i've put two assignments in the bag in the last few days, i can spend the next few days studying for our econ midterm without having to worry about papers.

sweet. jebus. yes.

I'm not really sure what i want to do now. i didnt bring any econ stuff with me this morning so i could buckle down on an Issues assignment. yeah, welcome to the land where a three page paper takes 16 hours to write.

i'm debating either going home and playing some guitar for a while then going for a wander, or going to see Across the Universe.

or i could keep sitting here for a few hours and stare at nothing in particular, which seems to be a reoccuring symptom in this room...

tides and dreams dont seem so tall at all


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