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i had that song stuck in my head most of the day. i finally wandered over to the comic book store down the street. i think i won't go back based solely on this conversation:

Store Guy - " you need any help?"

Me - "Yeah, I'm looking for Warlock Chronicles."

Store Guy - "Um..."

Me - "Or anything Adam Warlock."

Store Guy - " you know who publishes it?"

Me - *staring blankly because duh*

Store Guy - "Like...Marvel...or um...DC...?"

hi, you're a tard. Even if you ignore the fact that Warlock had a run on Counter Earth and pretty much turned into Jesus, or that the FF discovered him, or that he just about controlled existence with the Infinity Gauntlet, that's no excuse for not knowing Marvel publishes it. I'm pretty sure that when you rip just about every major Marvel Character into the Infinity Gauntlet series, asking that question is probably the dumbest thing ever.

Also, Warlock rules.

i'll smash right through your spotlight


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