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sh!thawks...on parade: dammit Danny Elfman, it's supposed to be somber

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danielle's right, i tend to blog more when im stressed out from school and should be working.

it's cause i want you all to share my pain. really. it's like a puddle of water. you spread it around and it dries up quicker. i bitch about it on here, people read it, not really the same thing but shut up.

after class today i effectively killed two hours by staring at nothing in the student lounge waiting for a flash of brilliance to hit me for the assignment due on friday. nada. whatever. i needed to kill two hours to wait for a profs office hours.

and then six of us sat on the floor outside his office cause he was late and we all looked dead from our overnight assignment. and all the while in my head i was going over how to hybridize the three or four briefing templates i'd found to use for friday's assignment.

then i came home. and i called my dad for a bit. and i sat on the couch and watched daily planet to relax some. then i redid tomorrow's assignment. then i started on the briefing assignment and i totally had a brilliant idea for the top of the page. after that my brilliant ideas sort of stopped hitting me and i went back to having to dredge up websites and emails and slides to start the damn thing.

and then tomorrow i get another econ assignment, another methods assignment, finish this one, do some more practice ones for methods and go talk to my prof about how to do them better, some how fit all of next weeks readings in there and go buy bagels.

so, following danielle's premise, there'll be lots more stressed out blogging about paper writing.

dammit Danny Elfman, it's supposed to be somber


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