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so i just saw superbad and it was pretty roxom.

im not sure if i can watch it again though. not that it wasnt a good movie, it's more like, the whole time watching it i was sitting there thinking about how seth an evan are pretty much a characteristic description of five years ago and that really didnt have the best ending ever. everyone always says that you should forget shit like that and not care about it, it was long ago and it really doesnt matter now. and you sit there and you tell yourself "yeah, i dont care anymore."
that's bullshit. everyone knows it's bullshit but no one wants to admit to it.
you cant lose a best friend and not always have that bit of regret about losing them. that's like a scar, but not one that you show off at a party and say you were attacked by a bear. instead this is one where you go watch a movie about two guys in high school and as much as you laugh, you start to want the movie to not have a happy ending. because you know that's how it should end.

sadly, the easy way to distract yourself from this, aka blowing up a police car with two drunk cops, isnt really feasible. to bad. thatd make for a good story.

also, Micheal Cera, dude, you're so typecast it's not even funny anymore hahaha.

something about barcodes


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