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sh!thawks...on parade: only one question, unless it's in spanish

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i watched some of the Q&A from Montebello this morning. thank you CPAC. im sure youre aware of how much i love you already.

The first thing i noticed was the lack of interest shown by the three leaders. if you want to call them that. im pretty sure most leaders involved in trilateral talks affecting the economic provisions of a continent should really look like they arent about to fall asleep on the podium.
it was pretty funny though when the mediator was having troubling stopping the reporters from asking more than one question at a time. I'm pretty sure the Mexican reporters got away with it a few times just because the mediator had now idea what they were saying.

it's kind of stupid having the three of them up there, get asked a question and then go like this:

*stand there shuffling and looking at each other*
*Bush- um..
*Mexican Guy- ...
*Harper- you want to start?
*Bush- um...
*Harper- Or should i?
*Bush- nyeh.
*Harper- i guess i'll start.
*Mexican Guy- ...

wow. such charisma. watching Harper and Bush in particular it's becoming obvious that Harper is letting his position as PM get to his head. The entire time he had a dismissive and holier than thou attitude, especially when he took some shots at Dion. Hey now Steve, dont forget that if you do that you're taking a shot at about %60 of the population of your country based on the fact that they didn't vote for you.
the other thing you could tell was that Bush is really getting sick of being called on the fuck up he made out of the middle east. He's asked a question and starts to actually sound angry as he answers, realizes this and tries to save face by smiling and 'in the best interest of ooourrr nayshun". the next thing that becomes apparent is that Bush's handler's have finally rewritten his Bushisms and further developed his nomenclature.
for example.. evil doers no more! insurgents no more! no they're EXTREMISTS AND RADICALS! YAAARRR!!!
actually thats about it for new words for him. then there was the "He brutalized his citizens and caused deep suspicions!" pretty sure that's why everyone in the US is paranoid. must be a self observation. "The citizens of the country will decide who leads them because thats what you do. Tyrannical and totalitarian governments do not. If they dont like their government they'll pick another one!" ZOMG IM TRAPPED IN 2004!!! AHHHHHH!!! VOTER FRAUD!!! AAHHH!! STOLEN ELECTION FROM THE PEOPLE WHO WANTED A NEW GOVERNMENT!!!

oh, and, he's 'amused' by the speculation in his country that he's done any wrong. it makes him laugh out loud. that's what he said. shit you not. i think that kind of statement would make most people cringe out loud, and you have to cringe pretty hard for it to be that audible.

Also, it's pretty much a slap in the face to Canada that he has the gall to stand there and say "this territory you have declared as sovereign Canadian territory, which is recommended by our former ambassador to your country as being part of your sovereign territory in our best national defense interest, is in fact, not at all part of your sovereign Canadian territory."

ouch. Barney takes a third one.

i bet no one will get that reference except one or two people. ummmm...five bucks to the first person to get it who is not someone who i know for sure knows it.

only one question, unless it's in spanish


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