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sh!thawks...on parade: i need more drugs

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i ate something last night that must have been bad cause it fucked me right up...i think ive had somewhere around four hours of real sleep in the last thirty six. it was real fun at 2:30am last night trying to crawl around finding the number for anothe rmanager at work cause my direct supervisor is gone for three weelks.
when you make soup and thinking about it makes your stomach make the "maybe this isnt suhc a good idea" noises that sucks...i managed almosta bowl. now some asshole outside is sittig in his drive way just revving his fucking engine you dickfur go aaway.
i have a scone that im going to eat with some tea because i need some solids.
i will walk very slowly to the kitchen because yay it feels like im almost making friends with a parking meter by the cambie again. only this time if i barf it wont be ornage. it'll be scone and soup.

i need more drugs


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