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sh!thawks...on parade: he gave santa a ransom note?

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there is snow up here. and when i say there is snow up here, i mean there is a lot of snow up here. and when i say theres a lot of snow up here i mean theres anywhere from two to five inches of snow on the ground depending on where you step. its deep enough so that when you step in the higher piles you immediately regret it because it gets in your shoe. i went up to the dining hall to get a snack. its cold out. and for some reason, there are an oddly large number of asian people out in groups of threes, two girls on one guy, and the girls are all face washing the guys like some reverse bukkake movie. really. must be a cultural thing...
i have yet to see or hear any little mexican run outside yelling "ees snoweeng! ees a meeracle!!"
i also have yet to hear any of the exchange students from ehtiopia run outside and yell "click click click white stuff click click sky!!" and then scramble to find a warm building.
hey come on. if russel peters can do it, i can do it.

he gave santa a ransom note?


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