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sh!thawks...on parade: yes it's a post about potatos.

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so i made instant mashed potatos from a box. not the cheap kind neither. no sir. Idahoan. fuckin idaho spuds all the way. PEI potatos aint got SHIT on idaho spuds. not only are the real potatos better, but in idaho you can get idaho spuds the CANDY version and i shit you not they are one of the greatest fucking inventions in the history of candy thats named after potatos. when my family used to go camping during the summer and we were in idaho we'd get them.
actually, it's kind of funny how we found out about them. i think we were on our way to Billings, Montana and there was mucho road construction and there was this one part of the highway where traffic was stopped for like an hour and we were stopped behind this little camper from idaho. and you know the funny thing is that no one on the highway who was stopped really seemed annoyed. anyway. so the dad driving the camper was this fat dude with a beard and btw i think i was like 10 and my sister was 9, and he had two sons about our age and so our parents were talking and then hes like "do you guys want a spud?" and we're all "a potato?" and hes all "no no, an idaho spud!" and we're thinking "arent those potatos....?" and he goes in the back of the camper and comes out with these two things in wrappers and gives us each one and we were like "A STRANGER WITH CANDY AWESOME!" ok we didnt reeeeally think that but whatever.
they were the most delightful potato looking candy i had ever seen or ever had the possibility to imagine. they were also the most delightful candy ever. repetitious, i know, but i have to drive this home about how fucking good they are.
so anyway, idaho spuds. get them in idaho. makes sense. never ever saw them anywhere else except for idaho. so then we didnt go to idaho so much and my intake of them dwindled and eventually i sort of forgot about them.
so then when i moved to ottawa and discovered the sheer sugar bliss that is sugar mountain naturally i had to go explore the wonderous innards of a store that only ellicited mental images of piles and piles of sweet sweet pixi stix sugar. lalala look at all the bulk candy lalala look at the neat figurines lalala look at the candy bar right here thats right next to that wrapp- OH MY GOD YES! who'd have figured on finding a long lost childhood candy far the fuck away from Coeur d'Allen? so every time i went in there i would make sure to purchase at least an hour's supply which was usually three which usually lasted all of ten minutes.
and then i moved to vancouver. much closer to the spuds. so i find candy stores in vancouver. and you know what? AINT NO GODDAMN SPUDS HERE!!! how does that make any sense at all? it doesnt. it's just plain wrong thats what it is.
what brought all this on?

•Þa±z• - the face in your dreams of glass says:
maybe i will make mashed potatos in a box...
me. says:
me. says:
do u feel like that
•Þa±z• - the face in your dreams of glass says:
a bit
•Þa±z• - the face in your dreams of glass says:
brb then i go make my taters
me. says:
•Þa±z• - the face in your dreams of glass says:
me. says:
hopw was it
•Þa±z• - the face in your dreams of glass says:
they is tasty
•Þa±z• - the face in your dreams of glass says:
like eating playdough only good

yes it's a post about potatos.


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