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sh!thawks...on parade: It leaves today no conversation

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for whatever reason, my landlord's son can't keep a wireless network running properly a lot of the time.
thus, instead of chilling out at home, which is what I had planned to do today, I dragged my ass out the door and downtown to school because no one is here and there's plenty of working wireless to go around.
i did, however, take the opportunity of mumbling about a lack of connectivity this morning to clean the place. shower, bathroom, floors.

yeah that's right.

I can cook and clean and woo with music.

if only i had some semblance of a life in which to apply these instead of living at school...

as is plainly noted, there was an ugly sweater party last night.

there were many ugly sweaters.

i havent decided what to do today, beyond coming here to check my email and news and whatnot.

i should probably get some lunch or something.

by the way, that's me showing Jill how to paint like Bob Ross. At some point she was like "Patrick! I need to talk to that painter guy!" to which i responded "he's kind of dead. But ask any question you want and I will tell you what he would say."

It leaves today no conversation


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