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sh!thawks...on parade: they took yer job!

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this is the view from the window(s) in our class. except it's backwards. and less blurry. but hey, thats what you get for not brining a camera to class and using your iSight. what's that? oh, oh right, all those people in class without a mac dont haaaaave an iSight. aww, poor guys, they'll learn one day.


this next week is going to be like that scene in braveheart where the scottish army all runs like hell screaming to attack after mel gibson yells his speech and they're all like fuck it, let's give'r! i never actually saw breaveheart, but i'd assume that's what happened. anyway, this week, we're all just gonna give'r til next friday and then we can relax.

they took yer job!


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