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sh!thawks...on parade: panini phone

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i swear im going to unplug my phone. 4 days in a row of phone calls from home. this is an on going occurence. fuck.
i just caught myself before i yelled "WHAT?!?" when i picked it up.

im also hitting a good stride with my last essay now. got through another 5 pages in the last three hours. not the fastest time ever but it pushes the essay past the half way mark. 12 more pages to go.


so...i have 10 pages to go. if i didnt have an interview tomorrow morning i might try to blitz this and get it done tonight. however i dont want to do that seeing as how i have to get up early and look nice. so yeah...looks like i'll be finished my last essay of my undergrad by wednesday night. that leaves me two weeks until they have to be submitted. wow. weird...

im also taking a page from the alcoholic's book and drinking scotch while writing...fucking influencing bastard...

panini phone


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