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so, ok, you ever have a few days where things just seem to sink into total and utter shit and it just keeps looking like all that's happening is you're falling farther down the outhouse well? nice image hey? and then you wake up one morning and it's like everything just decided to switch itself around and play nice all of a sudden? and you just kind of stand there for a second with probably a stupid look on your face trying to figure out how it happened but really why should you even try to figure it out cause fuck sometimes it just happens like that.

my grandma taught my a long time ago that if you see a penny on the ground you pick it up and you say "find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck." so now when i drive by where we scattered her ashes i think of pennies.

anyway, im asleep, phone rings, sweet jebus its a call ive been waiting for since last week. awesome. ok, look it's even bright and sunny out. ok, so get ready for class and all that jazz, lalalalala, step out the front door and lalalala shut the door turn around lift up foot...stop...stupid look on face. penny. on my front step. wtf...? bend over, pick it up, recite appropriate little good luck poem...stare at penny, stare at ground on front step...weird.

so then on the way to class i have this brilliant idea about how to structure my Applied Cmns project which will totally make everything get put in an awesome order which will make the project flow super well.

so i get to class. waiting for the rings..i have it on silent...holy fuck it's another call from another person about the emails i sent out last week! hahahaha i have no idea whats going on today but im sure as hell not going to argue about it.

also, thanks to raymi and tony for getting back to me.

i think ive managed to bust out of my three week long binge of Tragically Hip and for some reason ive decided to go on an Our Lady Peace binge.

i thought about commenting on the US elections, but i think there's already enough out there, and really i want to see what happens in the next little while first.

i kind of want to go jump in puddles right now because theyre puddles and thats fun but there arent really any around.


ok, so on top of the school stuff thats been overtly nice today, i just got a call about a job interview finally.

automatic flowers


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