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sh!thawks...on parade: you've had too much to think

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it's going to rain here for the next month. ew. the last two years it wasn't this bad at all. this year people are going to turn into perma prune dish pan hands face type people just by walking outside.
so the last week and a half ive been keeping myself busy, and now i've hit a point where i pretty much can't do anymore work on my projects until people get back to me. mostly my big ass paper about tv and democracy and politics and whatnot. my sociology paper, fuck i dont even know how thats going to look but i can start the preliminaries on it whenever i guess, so maybe i could be busy doing that. oh and i have another assignment for that class due thursday so i can do that, but i'll do that tomorrow.
i have an empty pop bottle, well ok it's not really empty but i'll get to that. i put water in it and then i put grapes in it cause i wanted to see if it would make grape juice. but then i drank the water before it could so now i have a bottle with grapes that are turning brown in about an inch of fireball i poured in. and now im going to let it sit on my window and see what happens.
when i was a kid we used to catch those big black beetles on put them in jars with sand and then we'd get an older person to catch a bee or a wasp in the same jar and then we'd see what would happen and then when nothing did we'd shake the jar to see what would happen but the beetle never ate the wasp.
and then there was this one time when my dad caught a huge fucking wasp in a peanut butter jar and screwed the top back on but i was so freaked out by it that i thought it would push the top off so i made him put a big rock on top. i dont like wasps.
and then like most little boys are, my friends and i were big fans of magnifying glasses + the sun = fried ants. and then i found out that magnifying glass + sun + dry pinecones = dad freaking out about the lawn getting set on fire.
then there was this one time at my friend eddie's house where we caught a centipede and we knew where there was an anthill under a rock so we put the centipede under the rock and left and when we came back the ants had like dismantled the centipede. not eaten, like seriously taken it apart in sections.
im pretty sure that conventional american moral thought would read that as us turning into sociopaths because we did what little kids do, play with bugs. that's why that movie the Ant Bully is bullshit, if a kid ever got shrunk down that small the ants would probably sacrifice him for all the other ants that kids like him had cooked.
oh good fucking christ the sun is out. REJOICE!...ow it hurts my eyes....
i think my guitar amp is fucked up, theres something wrong with the reverb.
at work this summer our crew got a bunch of wasp spray that was supposed to last the whole summer. i think kasia and i used up about half of it in one day. we found a nest in some bricks and double fisted sprayed the shit out of it. that was like last year when i found one by accident cause i rode a mower over it and then rode away really fast.
im going to make some lunch and watch come simpsons because im definitely not going to accomplish anything today. even class today wont accomplish antyhing because all we're doing is watching presentations and the only reason im going is because i need to get the list of requirements for the final project cause i missed that day cause i was home for thanksgiving.
you know what's ironic? Yellow Sun by the Raconteurs is playing.

you've had too much to think


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