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sh!thawks...on parade: you look like Bob Saget

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so i decided to take the interview for the Christian job thing and see what happens.
i can always say ive found like...bhudda or something...
i downloaded the Quake 3 demoe cause i felt like it and i can zap bots.
i have chocolate chip and pecan cookies and they are good to eat.
per two cookies there is 1.5g of trans fat.
goddamn you cookies.
damn you for tasting so delightful and being so bad for me.
seriosuly, who only ever eats two cookies?
last time i had a bag of cookies i ate the entire thing.
the only thing i would ever eat only one of is Lays chips, just one Lay, because then you can be like "Fuck you Mark Messier, Fuck you."
has anyone else heard about how all the MPs want to do something about banning all trans fat in food in canada? think about the ramifications of this.
convinience stores everywhere would be fucked.
what would they do if they couldnt sell you endless bags of salted peanuts or synthetic marshmallow something?
Wunderbar used to be my fav chocolate bar.
i dont think i favour anyone over another anymore.
except maybe almond mars bar but for some reason that is the most difficult to find chocolate bar in existence.
i mean really, why have almond snickers everywhere and no mars bar version right beside it?

tomorrow is outlaw and pitt's wedding. cheers you two.

you look like Bob Saget


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