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sh!thawks...on parade: my plate is full and im still empty

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im so out of it today its not even funny.
it was pretty much a struggle to focus on one sentence in class.
we watched a movie and there was discussion and i suggested one thing and my prof was like "YES! and??" and i was like "smile stupidly and nod your head because you totally just zoned out again and havent got a clue whats going on."
but then there was one point where, k you know in Old School when they have to debate James Carver and Frank just whips out the best possible explanation and kicks ass and then cant remember how he did it, i had one of those moments in class too. best PR defence ever. forgot it all right after i said it.

so i got an email back from a company i sent a resumé to finally.
the irony is that it's the company i sent one into for fun because it's for a Christian marketing company.
so i will put it to all of you.
should i indeed go for this one even with my inherent disdain for all that is organized religion?

ok, let's broach another topic now.
i feel that when you have fried eggs, otherwise known as the sunnyside up variety, that you MUST have at LEAST two slices of toast because without them when you eat the eggs you'll end up with a big mess on your plate from the yolks. therefore, the toast becomes the essential tool with which to sop up said yolk and enjoy it. plus, you can clean up your plate with it and you wont have a huge mess that you have to wash down the sink. thoughts?

last one.
do you think there's any irony in playing a first person shooter while listening to Matt Good?

my plate is full and im still empty


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